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  • Burgers & Salads
  • Wraps & Sands
  • Wings & Chili

(Full) $10.95 Nachos Supreme Chicken +$2.00 Half order w/ chicken $6.95

This is massive! Huge bed of homemade tortilla chips, topped with tomatoes, onions, black olives and seasoned ground beef then covered in chedar cheese and baked to perfection. Served with...

$5.95 Mini Taco’s Sour Cream ¢0.75

Served with salsa

$5.95 Cheese Sticks (5 Pieces)

Served with ranch

$3.95 Chips & Salsa

$2.75 Basket of French Fries

$3.75 Cheese Fries Bacon & Sour Cream +$2.00

Loaded with cheese

$5.25 Basket of Beer Battered Onion Rings

$5.25 Basket of Fried Mushrooms

Served with ranch.

$5.95 2 Whole Pretzels

Served with cheese or honey mustard sauce.

$7.95 Pickle Spears

Served with mild Ranch dip

$7.95 Homemade Spinach Dip

Served with warm tortilla chips.

$6.95 Jalapeno Poppers

Served with ranch.

$7.45 4 Chicken Tenders

Served with honey mustard sauce.

$7.95 Quesadillas

Grilled chicken with melted cheese, grilled onions, grilled green peppers, and served with a side of salsa.

$5.95 Potato Skins

Served with sour cream.

$6.95 Hot Cheese Balls

Served with ranch.

$5.95 Loaded Tater-Tots

Served with bacon, melted cheese and sour cream.

*All Sandwiches Served with French Fries or Cole Slaw.
Dressings: Homemade Bleu Cheese, Italian, Fat-Free Italian, Honey Mustard, Ranch, 1,000 Island (+$0.75)
Mushrooms +$1, Bacon +$2, Grilled Onions +$1, Cheese +$0.50, Raw Onion +$0.50, Crumbled Bleu Cheese +$0.75
$7.95 Grilled Chicken Salad Make it blackened. +$1.00

Grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, egg, black olives and cheese.

$7.95 Chicken Tender Salad

Breaded tenders on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, egg, cheese and black olives.

$8.25 Buffalo Chicken Tender Salad

Spicy tenders tossed in our secret sauce over a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, egg, cheese, bacon and black olives.

$3.95 House Salad

Tomatoes, cheese and black olives.

$8.95 Kelly Burger

Swiss cheese, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, 2 slices of bacon, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

$7.95 Half Pound Bacon Cheese Burger

American cheese, 2 slices of bacon, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

$7.45 Mushroom Swiss Burger

Smothered in sauteed mushrooms, topped with Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

$7.45 Patty Melt

Served on grilled Rye with Swiss cheese and grilled onions.

$7.25 Half-Pound Ground Round

Lettuce, tomato, pickle and cheese.

*All Sandwiches Served with French Fries or Cole Slaw.
10.95 Ultimate Philly steak & cheese

Grilled rib-eye steak fresh sautéed mushrooms,seasoned grilled onions,green peppers and red peppers topped with white American cheese served on a toasted Hoagie.

$8.95 Kelly’s Famous Reuben

Over 1/2 pound of famous Wrigley's corned beef, sliced thin and topped with Swiss Cheese, 1,000 Island dressing & Kraut on deli Rye.

$6.95 Stacked Ham & Cheese

Served on an onion roll with mayo.

$6.95 BLT

Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

$6.95 Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Topped with lettuce and tomato.

$4.95 Grilled Ham & Cheese

Served on white, wheat or deli Rye.

$8.45 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

2 Tenders tossed in buffalo sauce served with lettuce, tomato and a side of Bleu cheese.

$7.95 Chicken Melt

Served on grilled Rye with Swiss cheese and grilled onions.

$7.95 Fish Sandwich

Served with French fries.

$9.95 Fish & Chips

3 pc., served with cole slaw and fries.

$8.45 Southwestern Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken, shredded lettuce, and tomato topped with Cheddar cheese and our own special dressing.

$8.45 Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Spicy chicken tenders, shredded lettuce, tomato & Cheddar cheese with buffalo sauce.

$8.45 Chicken Fajita Wrap

Grilled chicken, grilled onions, grilled green peppers, shredded lettuce, tomato and Cheddar cheese topped with salsa.

Choose Your Sauce: BBQ, Teriyaki, Hot, Mild [Extra Sauce +$0.50]
Cheese +$0.75, Jalapenos +$1.00, Onions +$0.50, Sour Cream +$0.75, Bleu Cheese +$0.75, Extra Celery +$0.50, Bourbon Sauce +$1.00
$5.25 Traditional 5 Wings

$10.25 Traditional 10 Wings

$4.95 Boneless 5 Wings

$8.95 Boneless 10 Wings

$3.95 Soup of the Day

$4.95 Kelly’s Homemade Chili

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